About Me

Feeling stuck?

Hi, I’m Nico Morrison, Founder and CEO of Bliss Darling. Our courses help ambitious, successful women like you enjoy better, happier relationships.

Because we are go-getters, we tend to run our careers, homes, and relationships linearly. Ultimately, we run ourselves into the ground.

Instead, the courses you find here help you to leverage your actions to spring new life and romance into your relationships.

Before creating these programs, I was running around crazy like many of you are doing right now. With an incredibly fortunate career in the fashion industry, I had teams creating successful distribution and retail partnerships for some of the most famous design houses in the world.

In between these international trips, I was also CEO of House and Home: the orchestrator of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners; the organizer of family holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries on both sides of the aisle; manager of dishes and laundry, lost socks, and missing soccer gear; and the official stocker of whatever the house and people in it needed.

I was the first one awake and the last one asleep. I was also running my body and soul into the ground, to complete and utter exhaustion. I sure didn’t have a lot of time for the activities or people I loved.

I was an ambitious, overachieving, hot mess.

Finally, I had enough. My psychology degree had provided great insight in business, understanding why customers fell in love with brands. I turned inward. I compared notes on what was working and not working in all aspects of my life.

Success, I learned, was not a result of checking off more, as we seem to think in western society. In fact, purpose-driven organizations created the best businesses. It was true at home as well – when I approached love and parenting with the understanding of the why behind the systems, the results were far better than simply running around, putting out fires.

Here at Bliss Darling is where, through insightful discovery and strategy, we uncover you underneath all your stories.

Choosing impactful action daily makes everything simpler, more lovely, and vastly more productive. You’ll feel less overwhelmed by the massive to-do list, because it will be intentional. You’ll have much more time for the things you love, because you will have prioritized you.

Whether you are Oma or Oprah, you have 24 hours in a day. We’re going to make the best of them, here. Ready?