As we often say around here, vulnerability is the key to connection. And yet, our egos can get in the way to prevent us from bearing our souls. It’s natural – who really wants to be exposed to the possibility of hurt?

However, it is with great leaps, that we can enjoy great love.

This global crisis has reminded many of us of what’s truly important. I like to think of this time as one of massive transformation, especially in human connection.

Since the quarantine, do you find yourself re-evaluating past situations and relationships with those you love?

There was a recent article on BuzzFeed where their readers responded to a request for stories on revisiting fractured relationships. Stephanie wrote, “There’s something about feeling like the world is going to end that makes you fearless to becoming vulnerable.”

In times of fear, when we are confronted with our own mortality, we search for meaning in life much more deeply. And with such uncertainty, it’s natural to want to reach out to someone who made you feel cared about or protected.

There are all sorts of motivations for reaching out to others – boredom. Friendly check-ins. Forgiveness. Loneliness. Rekindling lost love. Resolving past misunderstandings.

Before you decide to text that ex, you may want to think about your reasons for doing so. What are you looking for? What do you need? What would you like to happen from it?

Ask yourself, are you reaching out to him because he’s familiar? Look at the reasons why you two ended things in the first place. Do you feel that you’re in a new place emotionally now, that you have grown since you two were together? Do you feel that there is more to explore?

This pandemic, like everything else, will be over one day, and the actions we take during this time will have repercussions in the future. See if you would welcome those changes. Your newly realized openness may be just the path to better connection, later. ♥️