What a year!

I don’t know about you, but this year has certainly brought out a deeper sense of compassion in me. Despite any outward differences, we all seem to want the same things – to be happy, healthy, and safe, and to be able to provide care and resources for our loved ones. This year created suffering for so many, and yet, it also inspired an unwavering desire for us to help.

Compassion came through the little things – sewing masks at the beginning of this pandemic. Calling to check on friends and family. Bringing dinner to sick neighbors, or giving the delivery driver a few extra dollars. We saw how important those small gestures are in creating a more loving world.

This is doubly true in our relationships.

Although we may have special days and grand gestures, our relationships are really built and sustained on all of the little appreciations along the way. We sometimes forget how deeply meaningful it is to stop and simply thank our loves for being. How grateful you are that they are unique and special and play such an important role in your life.

So, it got me thinking – instead of scratching your head over what might be on his wish list this season, give him something entirely more valuable – the gift of appreciation and connection. A thoughtful word, a shared secret, a moment in the present, together.

If you’re feeling a bit uninspired, Southern Living came up with 120 darling love notes that you can choose from to stick in his stocking. It might end up being his favorite gift of all.

Stay cozy!