Happy New Year, my beautiful friends. After a year like the last one, I feel it’s even more important and valuable to welcome 2021 with clear and open minds – for something fresh, something new, and something better.

In the U.S. as with many other countries, we celebrate our holiday season mostly within the month of December. In Japan, however, the big party comes after December – within the first three days of January. Attending festivals, visiting temples, and hosting elaborate family dinners consume those first three days of the New Year.

In preparation for those days of celebration, there is a customary, practiced ritual in which my dear friends and past colleagues engage: Oosouji big cleaning.

It’s more than simply preparing for company: it’s taking the time and focus to deeply and methodically clean a space, whether it’s the front of the home or the shrine of a past relative. The idea is to bring a clean environment into the new year with the blessings of the universe – a fresh slate.

The idea goes even deeper. Oosouji is taking the quiet, dedicated time to clean one thing – one area – for the improvement of everything around it. Through this practice of Oosouji, we realize and acknowledge the interconnectedness of all things. When our rooms are clear, our minds are clear. When our thoughts are clear, our decisions are better. Conversely, how does it feel when you have one negative person in the room? The energy in the room seems to darken, as well.

Oosouji is meditative and also, deeply powerful in the lessons it results.

To use a pop culture reference, The Karate Kid (oh how I love Cobra Kai, can you tell? It’s been my second reference within these blog posts, haha!), let’s bring to mind the late Mr. Miyagi.

Do you remember the lessons that Daniel internalized by simply working steadily on a singular duty – say, waxing the cars – in repeat, purposeful movements? How many times do we realize, through our small, mindful, daily actions, that we look back and realize that we’ve created a new habit? A new outlook? A new future?

Every masterpiece is created through small, thoughtful brushstrokes. This year, instead of trying to tackle those big wins head on, take small, daily actions that will lead you towards your most ambitious goals.

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