My colleague Leigh in the U.K. had just put the finishing touches on a questionnaire we were launching, to better understand where our clients were having challenges in their relationships. He sent it over to me as the sun began to peek into my window, East Coast time.

To test it out, I responded with my own real (and intentionally funny) submission.

“What is your biggest issue in your relationship?”

Socks. Everywhere.

“How can we help?”

Air drop a cleaning drone. Or, command those gnomes who live in the dryer to snatch any sock left in the family room.

We knowingly laughed. Some things are universal!

Suffice to say, socks aren’t going to make or break a relationship. But, I am sure you have your own relationship gripes, small or large.

These are the ones that just go unanswered, whether they’re funny (or not).

And I can assure you, it’s very normal.

Here’s the good news, however.

A very simple tweak around those ‘unsaid things’ can make all the difference in you having more connection and more love between you.

I’ll share how to do that with you.

First though, what’s your unsaid frustration?

What is one thing that you wish you could fix?

I’m sure I’m not the only one. 😉