The Superman Switch


Ready for him to step up and become your personal Superman? In this course, you learn what captivates a man and inspires his continual pursuit in a relationship. He wants to serve you – here’s how to do it.

21 Texts To Drive Him Wild


Want to really ramp up his chase? In this course, you learn what titillates a man and inspires him to think of you all day long.

Goddess Guide


You know the woman: men stop to turn and watch her walk in, and the women, too, are drawn by her glow, her grace, and her presence. She joyfully gets what she wants out of life – and you can, too. Ready to be the most vibrant woman in the room?

14 Day Relationship Repair Kit


Feeling disconnected, unloved, or under-appreciated in your relationship? Here is a 14-day boot camp to radically change his and your commitment to each other to build a truly, happily ever after.