The following is a selection of testimonials I have received from some of the wonderful people with whom I have had the pleasure of working. Enjoy.

Thank you SO much, Nico!! What you are doing is really helping a lot of people – I am forever grateful. And now…engaged!! :ring: YOU’RE THE BEST!!

Alberta, CA

I first got in-touch with Nico in October because I really felt stuck with a situation and I didn’t want to make it even worse by reacting in an irrational manner to the guy I had become very fond of. I was feeling impatient, confused & very upset.

Through her private email coaching programme, Nico helped me to see things rationally, to be patient, to stop assuming & making scenarios up in my head & to avoid being confrontational.

Nico patiently & tirelessly showed me how to show up in a way that would serve me & deepen my connection with the man I want to be with & keep him interested as well as helping me stay sane even at a time when I felt he had lost interest & was possibly even rekindling a previous relationship. I had no proof of this but I was making things up in my head & driving myself mad.

And now, as we approach the end of January, I am delighted to say that Nico’s approach has paid off. Things are developing at just the right pace & I am enjoying how they are right now without needing to jump ahead in my mind. I do feel though that my year will now include a meaningful, fulfilling relationship & that what I have taken from my private coaching with Nico will help me going forward.

I recommend Nico to to anyone reading this. As well as being incredibly good at what she does, she has a kind nature & is genuinely interested in her client’s love situations.

London, U.K.

With prior relationships and bringing kids into the mix, we struggled to find balance in our own romance and within our blended family. Nico helped me understand what we both needed to launch our future together, and we’re even more in love today. Thank you, Nico!!

Raleigh, NC, Engaged ♥️

Wow, Nico! I must admit that your advice was extremely insightful, and I’m having yet another very good weekend with my man (2 weekends in a row – really unbelievable! I realize that I came to you less than a month ago!!) What you say works!

Bridgeport, CT

My relationship was stuck – there just wasn’t any sign that we were moving forward. Nico showed me how to regain my power, and now we are in a solid, committed relationship with definite future plans. Thank you, Nico!

Newtown Square, PA

Dear Nico,

Wow. Our conversation is such a blessing. My highlight in this pandemic period. After 15+ years of therapy, I had never connected these dots of my past.

Thank you so much for your insightful observations and analysis. I really like the feedback, versus seeing a therapist, who just listens. I am very dedicated to take care of myself this year.

It will be my birthday next Monday, and I feel I have already given myself great, insightful gifts so far. Thank you so much to support me on this path.

Victoria, BC

Nico is the light in the darkness – her course gives easy to follow steps on what to do and what not to do to have the relationship you want. She is compassionate and supportive, and it shows in her courses. Bottom line, her strategies work. I’m proof of that!!

Los Angeles, CA

Hello Nico, Thank you for your answer. I love reading your guidance. It makes me feel so much lighter. It also helps me remove my ego and my fears from the driver’s seat. Leading with self-love and self-compassion helps me get over fear, anxiety, past humiliation and betrayal. Thank you, Nico.

Quebec, Canada

It’s surprising how quickly everything happened. I’m not sure I would’ve taken this leap of faith to pursue this job if I hadn’t gotten past some of the blocks I have of thinking that I’m not good enough do deserve it. For the first time in my life it feels like I’m opening up to the possibility of what I can accomplish if I just let go of all the fear and insecurities about what is possible for me and what I deserve.

You’ve helped me release some of those blocks that I now know for sure have held me back because I almost didn’t pursue this interview because of that limited thinking.

It’s a slow progression but it feels good to be back in a state of growth and I have faith that whatever comes next I will be better equip to meet it.

Thanks for everything, Nico.

San Diego, CA

Nico was a great coach. She helped me reconnect with the beautiful woman inside of me. I remembered the confident and brilliantly unique person I am through her coaching. I am so thankful for her encouragement. I keep hearing from coworkers and my man how I something is so different about me. I shine with radiance as I walk into a room. Thank you for helping me through a tough time where I thought I had lost a relationship and myself.

Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks to Nico, I’ve been able to get back the woman I know I am!


Nico was so helpful in getting my relationship back on track. She helped me change my perspective and communicate with my boyfriend differently. I’ve already seen amazing progress only after a few weeks. He has already started being more attentive and thoughtful. Her insight is invaluable and I highly recommend!!!

Decatur, AL

Dear Nico, So…

That is it…

I started writing to you on March 20th, and on April 20th, he told me he loves me.

He tells me every now and then since.
We are both so in love and so happy to share the relationship we have.

It is unique.

It is pristine.

We are back to where we were in the beginning. I know.

It’s just another relationship.

But it’s the most transparent, true and trustworthy I’ve never had. Thank you so much for being with me all along in this journey.

Thank you so much for bringing me new perspectives.

Not only with this love, but with my own story.

Dear Nico,

Thank you Nico for being the most personable and understanding relationship coach I’ve ever met!

She does a wonderful job of not only addressing the relationship dynamic but the entire situation. I tell her situations that don’t seem positive, however, she knows how to look at each of the particular situations with more light, even have me feel better about it.

I highly recommend for women to visit Nico, not just for their relationships but in all areas of life! She is honest and delivers the truth about situations in the kindest way.

Please go to her if you’re looking for someone who can help improve your outlook on relationships! My confidence and relationship bettered tremendously! I can’t imagine going back to who I was before I met her. She changes lives for the better.

If you’re ready to be open, listen to honest advice, run to Nico :heart:

San Francisco, CA

Any challenges I face in my relationship, Nico has the perfect response. She is the best! Do not hesitate – your relationship will thank you!!

Palm Beach, FL

First of all wow, THANK YOU, NICO. Your advice is so INCREDIBLY helpful and enlightening. So many things came to light, and I now have a MUCH clearer idea of what to do.

Minnesota, MN

WOW – when it comes to resetting our connection, we are on the right path, thanks to Nico’s help and insight! We are in love again. 

Portland, ME

Since [taking the courses at Bliss Darling], the change I have felt has been TREMENDOUS. It truly feels like I am dating a different guy. He has truly started to treat me like I’m on a pedestal. It’s funny, though – I feel like I don’t need it anymore. The less I need it, the more he does it anyway. Nico is the BEST at getting the relationship you want.

Pittsburgh, PA

Hi Nico. I managed to get in and went through the entire course in one day. It made me feel much better, understanding that it’s not me, personally, but my actions that sabotage my relationship. It also helps to see it’s a common pattern and there are clear steps that can be taken.

College Station, TX

Thank you so much for your understanding and nonjudgmental response. I was afraid to tell you that I was not feeling too confident, so thank you for receiving that with such thoughtfulness.

Los Angeles, CA

This is the relationship I’ve always wanted with him. I feel like we are FINALLY beginning to relax and enjoy each other’s company. Everything you wrote below makes perfect sense. I really am excited to see where this go when we BOTH let go of timelines, pressure, ANYTHING – and just enjoy each other’s company. I think you probably had seen this all along LOL And have been trying to tell me, but perhaps I wasn’t ready to face it until I went through it all myself. I’m FINALLY glad I’m seeing the light now. You’re the expert!!

Brookline, MA

When I first came to Nico for coaching, I was incredibly distraught. I had been dating my boyfriend for a few months but felt tortured in our relationship every day. I was crying and stressed out constantly, worried he wasn’t committed to me, didn’t love me (despite him telling me so), and had an unhealthy obsession with comparing myself to his ex girlfriends.

Nico was SO incredibly patient with me every step of the way. Even though I went down some pretty crazy spirals, she always encouraged me to think positively and give my boyfriend the benefit of the doubt when he wasn’t acting in a way I understood. Even when I repeated myself constantly, she never once made me feel bad about anything I was thinking or feeling. Her warmth and compassion helped comfort me when I was especially confused. That’s the thing, too – she has an uncanny ability to also see beyond what I was initially telling her and read between the lines. This, in turn, helped me gain much more clarity around my specific situation.

I’m happy to say that my boyfriend and I are now on a good path together – one that is much more relaxed and comfortable. That’s the thing, too – Nico really knows men! She was very spot on in many cases when it came to identifying my boyfriend’s behavior that was insanely confusing – and at times frustrating – to me. I feel like I understand him a lot better now, and as a result, am allowing our relationship to breathe (which has in turn made it much more healthy).

But perhaps most importantly of all, Nico helped encourage me to truly invest in myself. The lessons I learned from working with her (including how to communicate properly, what motivates men, and how my OWN actions and motivations affect my love life) are truly invaluable, and I will carry them on with me for the rest of my life. I’m very grateful I had her on my side as not just a coach, but a mentor and friend, while going through this chapter of my dating life!

Boston, MA